Appliance Overview

Open Connect Appliances (OCAs) have the following characteristics:

Are provided free of charge to qualifying partners

Our appliances are provided free of charge for ISP partners who meet our basic requirements, but they are not for sale to other parties.

Are designed for high availability

OCAs include redundant system drives, power supplies, and network interface ports.

If a hard drive fails, it is automatically disabled and the system will continue to function normally. If enough hard drives fail, Netflix will replace the appliance by shipping a new one.

See the sample architectures for more information about how you can configure your system for optimal resiliency.

Have no user-serviceable components, with the exception of power supplies and SFP+ optics

Netflix will ship replacement power supplies or optics in case of failure at no cost to the ISP.

Are continuously monitored for health and performance by Netflix

Netflix will monitor the health and performance of each OCA as soon as it is reachable from our Network Operations Center (NOC). OCAs report health values and get their configuration from the Open Connect supporting services.

Health and system load information feedback is automatically incorporated into Netflix content routing decisions.

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