ISP Partnership Options

The Netflix Open Connect programme provides opportunities for ISP partners to improve their customers' Netflix user experience by localising Netflix traffic and minimising the delivery of traffic that is served over a transit provider.

There are two main components of the programme, which are architected in partnership with ISPs to provide maximum benefit in each individual situation: embedded Open Connect Appliances and settlement-free interconnection (SFI).

Embedded Open Connect Appliances (OCAs)

Open Connect Appliances can be embedded in your ISP network. Embedded OCAs have the same capabilities as the OCAs that we use in our 60+ global data centres, and they are provided to qualifying ISP partners at no charge. Each embedded OCA deployment will offload a substantial amount of Netflix content traffic from peering or transport circuits. Multiple physical deployments can be distributed or clustered on a geographic or network basis to maximise local offload.

Netflix provides:

  • Network architecture and technical tune-up expertise
  • Ongoing monitoring and issue resolution
  • Partner support

ISP partners work with Netflix to configure BGP sessions with the OCAs to steer traffic, and the appliances require a small amount of data centre rack space, power and connectivity.

If you have substantial Netflix traffic destined for your ISP customers, deploying embedded OCAs is usually the most beneficial option. However, embedded OCAs are not always deployed, depending on your traffic levels, data centre limitations or other factors.

The OCA Deployment Guide provides deployment details. If you are interested in OCA deployment at your ISP, please fill out our OCA request form.

Settlement-free interconnection (SFI)

Connect via direct Private Network Interconnect (PNI) or IXP-based SFI peering to Netflix Open Connect Appliances in our data centers. Peering alone can be beneficial.

If you deploy embedded OCAs, you also set up SFI peering for additional resiliency and to enable nightly content fills and updates.

Netflix has the ability to interconnect at a number of global data centre facilities and public Internet Exchange fabrics as listed on our Peering Locations page. We openly peer with any network at IXP locations where we are mutually present and we consider private interconnection as appropriate. If you are interested in interconnection, please email for more information.

ISPs who do not currently participate in public peering might want to consider that a single IX port can support multiple peering sessions, providing direct access to various content, cloud and network providers. In addition to Netflix, many large organisations such as Akamai, Amazon, Facebook and Google/YouTube widely participate in public peering and combine to deliver a substantial percentage of traffic to a typical ISP.

From a connectivity standpoint, IX ports can be reached locally in a data centre or via transport. We recommend as a detailed source of information that can help you find an IX that best meets your needs.

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