Netflix Open Connect

Appliance Hardware

Netflix continues to evolve our appliance hardware capabilities to help ISPs most efficiently deliver high-quality Netflix traffic with a focus on localization. We tailor deployment and hardware architectures for each ISP that we work with. Our Open Connect Appliances are based on commodity PC components, assembled in custom cases by our suppliers.

We have two main types of storage appliances, a 1U version and a 2U version. For larger deployments, we might also include flash-based appliances.

High level storage appliance specifications are available here. If you need detailed specifications for a particular Open Connect Appliance, contact your Partner Engagement Manager.

Hardware specifications

ChassisSanmina, Equus
Hard DriveHitachi
Solid State DriveMicron
Network ControllerChelsio, Mellanox

Physical specifications

Rack units1U or 2U
Power draw operational (peak)250W - 630W
Operational throughput9 Gbps - 36 Gbps
Raw storage capacity14 TB - 280 TB


In building these systems we collaborate with a wide range of suppliers who we would like to thank for their assistance: The teams at Sanmina and Intequus, our system integrators. Storage guidance and troubleshooting from HGST, LSI and Micron, and Chelsio and Mellanox for network card and driver assistance.

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