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Managing BGP Sessions and Announcements

Use the BGP Feeds section of the Open Connect Partner Portal to monitor the state of the BGP sessions and announcements that you have configured between your routers and the Netflix Open Connect Appliances in your network.

For more details on how BGP announcements are used, see the information about appliance routing and steering via BGP.

Viewing and Configuring BGP Sessions

On the BGP Sessions page, you can view and modify the BGP sessions that are configured for each appliance in your network.

To modify a BGP session, open the configuration screen and click BGP Session Configuration (IPv4 or IPv6) from the drop down menu of each appliance.

screen cap of BGP Session menu

Important notes:

  • Modifying the configuration of an already-established BGP session can result in traffic changes. Because your BGP session configuration is critical to the operational success of your Open Connect Appliances, be extremely careful when making any changes.
  • It can take up to 20 minutes for BGP session changes to be applied to the appliance.

The configuration form contains help text that explains the settings and their implications. As you make changes in the form, the dynamic helper diagram next to the form changes to help you visualize the Open Connect Appliance side of the configuration (shaded in red at the top of the diagram) and the ISP side of the configuration.

Exploring BGP Announcements

On the BGP Explorer page, you have a view of the prefixes that are announced to your embedded OCAs.

The BGP Explorer allows you to perform troubleshooting actions such as:

  • Sort by prefix to find more specific announces
  • Perform point checks on specific prefixes by using the search box
  • Download all the prefixes advertised to your Open Connect appliance(s) in a CSV for further offline analysis
  • Visually understand and troubleshoot when multiple appliances on separate sites hear the same prefix
  • Figure out your resiliency announcements. Each site has a color, and all appliances that hear a route are displayed in a label that uses the site color from the selection panel so you can determine:
    • Same prefix using different MED on two separate sites, one for main, the other for backup
    • Same prefix using different AS Path Length (prepending) on two separate sites

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