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Appliance Status Summary

You can use the Partner Portal to view data and various metrics for the embedded Open Connect Appliances (OCAs) in your network. The status summary for an appliance is calculated by measuring several key components that give an overall picture of appliance health. If any of these component statuses has crossed into a warning or error state, the overall status for the appliance will change accordingly.

It is important to note that the Netflix NOC team is constantly monitoring all of the OCAs that are deployed around the world. Just because an OCA is in a warning or error state does not necessarily mean that there is any action required on your part. Typically, when an action is required on your part, the Netflix NOC team will contact you.

Click the status icons where they appear in the user interface to see more details.

UnknownAppliances are in an unknown state. Appliances typically appear in this state when they are in transit or an RMA (replacement) state, and have not yet been installed or configured.
OK/SuccessAppliances are functionally normally.
WarningAppliances are likely still able to function, but might not be working optimally.
ErrorAppliances are not functioning properly or are undergoing an upgrade or maintenance.

Overall status is indicated by the status summary icons. The worst status is shown, so if there is a health component in "Warning" state and another component in "Error" state, the overall status is displayed as "Error".

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