Engagement process

The following diagram shows the typical workflow for a new ISP partner engagement:

flow chart of engagement process

  1. To begin the engagement process, you complete one of the following actions:
    • If you are engaging with Netflix for the first time, please submit an online Open Connect Appliance request, and a Netflix Open Connect Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) will contact you.
    • If you already have an established relationship with a Netflix PEM and you are interested in modifying an existing configuration, contact your PEM directly.
  2. Netflix works with you to determine whether you meet the basic requirements for deploying embedded OCAs. If embedded OCAs are not warranted or cannot be deployed for some reason, SFI peering alone can be established.
  3. Netflix collaborates with you to determine the optimal network design.
  4. Your legal team works with our legal team to review and execute the necessary legal agreements.
  5. To facilitate shipping and initial configuration of your embedded OCA(s), you fill in a short online site survey form.
  6. Based on the information you provide in the site survey, Netflix performs initial configuration of the embedded OCAs and pre-fills them with the appropriate content for your geographical location. This process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on catalogue size.
  7. Netflix ships you the configured and filled appliance(s) for installation in your data centre. SFI is also established to enable optimal resiliency and fill/updates. Shipping typically takes approximately 1 week, depending on your geographical location.
  8. After the appliance is enabled into production, Netflix performs ongoing health monitoring and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of the appliance.

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